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October 14, 2010

Welcome to Tom Travels. Follow Tom’s adventures through life as he travels to find science & happiness in as many states, countries, and continents as possible. And he does it with mutated DNA.

How did Tom get here? 6 years working at a hospital, a Molecular Biology degree, and 2 years as a cancer research tech led him to a PhD program at UIC. His DNA wasn’t designed to handle the patience required for medical research. So after 2 years, Tom deserted the program and spent 4 months unemployed until he took a job as a Life Science/Medical Research Sales Rep. For a science lover, this was the best job on the planet. Tom couldn’t have asked for anything more: talking to scientists all day, involving himself with the ubiquitous benevolence of people working hard to make the world a healthier place, and a mix of cultures not seen in many professions. But…

…This was when Tom’s DNA decided to put up a construction zone in his life. The change in lifestyle from a low-paying, baseball-paced lab job to a better-paying, hockey-paced sales job had activated certain genes in his immune system. 4 painful, swollen joints later, the diagnosis was a form of arthritis. Toughing it out as long as he could, after joint #13 succumbed, Tom left his job and decided to live life at his own pace. Just imagine smacking your knuckle or toes with a hammer every morning. This is what severe arthritis can feel like. Tom’s career path may have taken a detour, but that’ll only delay his final goal in life, not stop it (he has learned patience).

After a career recalibration, a vigorous change in diet (taking tips from one of my favorite tweeters and blogger, @summertomato), and biking along Lake Michigan, Tom is much happier.  His mind feels better too as his interests have metastasized beyond the limits of organisms and their DNA to include Nature, the Universe, and foreign cultures. As tom travels he will explore a world with limitless possibilities, strengthen bonds with friends and family, and provide information that’ll make you smile.

Thanks for following and stay tuned for awesome photos, exciting stories, and an ounce of science. And never forget, letUbeU.

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