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Tom Travels Day 2 – KC to Denver

October 16, 2010

I actually got out the door in time, on the road by 10am. Thank you Scott for your hospitality.


Kansas University


Leaving Kansas City brought me through Lawrence, home of the Rock Chalk Jayhawks of Kansas University. I only spent a few minutes driving through campus, but I’m sure I’ll be back once my company gets started. My fondest memory of KU is Bill Self leaving my lovely Illini to coach there. Fortunately, he left behind a great basketball team that made it all the way to the 2004 NCAA Championship Game.

I loved the east Kansas landscape, very hilly, a lot of up and down. The cool part was coming to the top of a big hill which brought about a view in which you could see for miles. Eventually I came upon Topeka, KS. I hadn’t planned to stop, but my punctual departure allowed me time for one sight seeing stop.


Segregation Map



Segregation Map Key


I’ve always enjoyed reading and learning about history. So once I saw the signs for Brown vs Board of Education National Historic Site, this was where I wanted to stop. Considered one of the most important decisions in the history of the United States, goosebumps covered my body. It was a harsh reminder of the inequities that we are capable of as humans. Anyways, on the more cheerful events….I was happy to see more wind farms.

“Green” energy will be necessary at some point, maybe not in my lifetime, but oil will run out and investing in these farms would be wise in the long run. Ironically, not too far away these appear,

The rest of the drive consisted of 518 miles down I-70. I finished The Murder of King Tut; when I get more time, you will have a book report. I’ve started Super Crunchers, and after 2 discs, its blowing my mind!…I arrived near Denver just as the sun was setting over the mountains.


Denver Sunset


Arriving at my hotel provided me with a great view of downtown Denver, this picture is looking out of my hotel door,


Denver Skyline


Unfortunately, there was nothing else spectacular about this hotel. It was a dump. The sheets had plenty of stains, the room smelled, I could go on and on. I had planned for this event however, and I brought my own sheets and towels. On my minimal budget, this hotel is the epitome of “You get what you pay for.” There was one other positive besides the great view, great water pressure in the shower.

I had planned for a nice steak dinner at Elways Steakhouse, being the football fan that I am, but as I drove through downtown, I was intrigued by the atmosphere. My friends know I’m a sucker for a good social scene, so plans changed and I went on a mini pub crawl. I would love to be able to spend a full night in downtown Denver, it seems like a blast! I’m on my way through the mountains, for the most beautiful part of my drive, but also the most dangerous. Find real time updates at, see you on the other side.


We as Americans, and humans, need to make sure this does not happen again


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