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Tom Travels Day 4-7 – Las Vegas!

October 22, 2010

Las Vegas 14 Miles

For 4 days in Vegas I pretty much lived in the Hard Rock Casino. I ate at 2 of their restaurants, drank at 3 different bars, and stopped in the coffee shop, (of course its a Starbucks). The 4 days involved all the standards: gambling (craps, blackjack & poker), partying, a jaw-dropping show (for free!), a little sight seeing, and minimal sleep. Fortunately, since I started this trip my adrenal gland has been pumping adrenaline into my blood stream like this (only need to watch 30secs), therefore I’ve required little sleep. I’ve been able to partake in some unconventional activities such as hanging out with a production crew for a TV show,

and a drive through the University of Nevada Las Vegas and their science buildings. How do students make it through college only minutes away from the Vegas strip?!?

UNLV Campus

A visit to Pawn Stars’ pawn shop, one of my favorite shows on the History Channel. Its a great show if you want to learn how not to negotiate at a pawn shop, random historical facts, and how desperation forces people to sell their most valuable of possessions,

Home of one of my favorite shows, Pawn Stars

and they were filming an episode. At this point they were interviewing ‘antique arms and armory expert’ Sean Rich (one of my favorite experts). The crew I hung out with was basically doing the same thing, but for a different show,

Pawn Stars arms expert, Sean Rich

A stop at the Pinball Hall of Fame. I found out my pinball talents are lacking, but my skeetball skills are top notch,

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame - Qbert's Quest

and Hoover Dam on the way out of town,

Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam Reservoir

Hoover Dam

Apparently, prior to last week, if you wanted to pass by the dam, you had to cross directly over it, which included a security stop and navigating through 100’s of tourists walking around. So if a you wanted to drive from Vegas to Phoenix, you had to plan for the thick traffic. Well, last week this route received a coronary bypass, a new bridge opened, the Hoover Dam Bypass. Its an amazing piece of engineering expanding over the canyon (@dannyforster would be impressed, on his Discovery Channel show Build It Bigger), connecting Nevada & Arizona, and saving drivers up to several hours,

Hoover Dam Bypass

I drove around town on several occasions, passing by the Bellagio at a perfect time, just as the world famous water show was starting. It wasn’t quite what I expected,

Bellagio Water Show

Just joking, I never stayed around to see the show (although that is the Bellagio in the background).

Ok brother, here’s your picture of me. On the first full day, we ate lunch at the Bellagio Cafe. My first experience gambling this week was Keno at the table while we waited for food. I won! $32.50 which paid for our bottle of wine. Here I am holding my winnings,

Keno Winnings at Bellagio Cafe

The money didn’t last long but the entire experience was worth it, and very fulfilling. Thank you William, I look forward to our future work together. On to the 48th state admitted to the Union, Arizona…

The Northern Arizona Landscape

Northern Arizona Landscape II

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