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Crop Dusting a Fart

October 30, 2010

I’ve known about crop dusting, from movies and books, but I’ve never actually seen it in action. So I’m driving along in West Texas, the sun sinking into the cotton fields, and in the distance I see an airplane. At first it looked as if someone was stunt flying, up and down and in winding turns, like the winding roads of my drive on the Apache Trail. As I came closer, I could see some “dust” coming out the tail. At this point I became excited to add another ‘First’ to my list, seeing my first crop dusting.

Previously, living in Chicago for 29 years, the only crop dusting experience I know of involves crop dusting your farts. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. When you’ve got co-workers nearby in your lab or cubicle and you have to let one rip, you’ve all experienced this. For fear of the embarrassment your hydrogen sulfide-based stink will create, you walk down the hall or through the lab and slowly disperse your fart over 10 meters. Logically, this is a great way to avoid any embarrassment as your fart is not concentrated to one area, but slowly diluted out over a larger space.

Anyways, as I’m driving along I have to get a good picture of this plane. I’m passing the plane and still can’t get a good angle. Then I notice the sun come into the background as I feverishly snap picture after picture just hoping to get a good one. Mind you, I’m doing this while driving, left hand on the steering wheel, right hand holding the camera as I aim it out my back passenger window, snap, snap, snap, and finally I came up with this picture, one of my favorite of the trip:

chicago cool science travel

Crop Dusting in West Texas

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