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Tom Travels Days 16.5-18, Fort Worth & Dallas

November 11, 2010

Downtown Fort Worth

I arrived in Fort Worth around 8PM. The skyline is interesting because most of the buildings are lined with lights, as if its Christmas all year around. I met my friends at Joe T Garcia’s, the most popular restaurant in Fort Worth. The line was out the door; there was security guarding the special parking lot full of Mercedes, Lexus, and fully loaded pick-up trucks.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate the quality of the food at 7, the quantity at 10, and the service at 10. They have the largest patio I have ever seen. There was also live music wandering the dining room:

Live Music kept the crowd awake after a full meal

When I rate the quantity of food at 10 out of 10, that rating doesn’t do it justice. See, you have 2 options for your entree, fajitas or enchiladas. But with each comes a plethora of side dishes:

1) a bowl of guacamole per 2 people

2) 2 tacos for everyone ordering the enchilada

3) cheese nachos for everyone

4) the standard chips and salsa

5) all the rice and beans you could dream of

After everyone waved the white flag, sirens inside our digestive system were going off. Backup energy supplies were needed as all our blood was jam-packed into the vessels surrounding the stomach and intestines while it digested the massive amounts of food consumed. Needless to say, with little blood in our brains, we left with the inability to put coherent sentences together for the next half hour. Afterwards, we took a short tour and had 1 drink at the Fort Worth Stock Yards:


Where cowboys, and cows, roam

We made it to bed early because day 17 would be a long day, the World Series at Rangers Park in Arlington, home of the AL Champion Texas Rangers!

Rangers Park in Arlington

We arrived around 1PM for a 7PM game. I was not going to be attending the game, just the tailgate for 5 hours. Living in Chicago, every 10 years or so we have a winning team and what I love most is the unity of an entire city, or state. 10-100’s of thousands of people all happy, cheering for the same cause. The good nature of humans shines brightly; people treat each other as equals. There are no races, classes, or looks, we are all a blank slate decorated with one image, a team logo:

We are the Rangers

Reminds me of a scene from my favorite show: You gotta support the team.

Just a stone throw away is a Six Flags amusement park (pic not shown) and Cowboys Stadium:

Cowboys Stadium

I’ll never forget this guy. He grilled the best sausage in all of Texas, and the spiciest (which I paid for later that evening):

Not sure why my hair looks like a cockatoo

I would like to apologize to this lady. I asked about her kid, and it turned out it was her younger sister. Sorry. 🙂


The evening was spent with one of my lifelong friends as we ate dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse, coffee from Starbucks, watched Brooklyn’s Finest, and had delicious make your own frozen yogurt at the Yogurt Zone. Its a great place; you walk in, choose the size cup you want, choose the flavor yogurt, pour it yourself (from the yogurt machine), choose from 100 toppings (including fresh fruit) and pay by weight. And the price is VERY fair! I highly recommend this place.

Before I hit the road to head back to Chicago the next day, we made another stop at Torchy’s Tacos for lunch (a new one just opened in Irving). As I mentioned in my previous blog in Austin, the tacos are amazing (my favorite in America) but also I’m motivated by Torchy’s, specifically Mike Rypka and his story behind starting this amazing business. Knowing we have some similarities, if he can do it, why can’t I:

1) I also left a job to chase my dreams (he let him be him)

2) My passion, science, is where I’ve been my whole life (like he’s been in the food industry)

3) I have a slight ache from my trip around America (he partied all summer before starting)

4) and I sure as hell don’t want to work for The Man! (who does!)

As my trip draws to a close, the adventure continues. I have a long road in front of me, as all entrepreneurs do, but I believe in my idea. I believe it’ll save us tax dollars, make medical research more efficient, and ultimately bring better health (and therefore happiness) to millions of people around the world. This trip was just a small battle in the war against unhappiness. Yes, that’s right, I’ve declared war on unhappiness. All it leads to is pointless arguments (between friends, family and coworkers), decreased productivity at home and work, and inefficient use of your time. Life is short and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to be unhappy, unproductive or inefficient. This is the basis for LETUBEU. I know some of you have been waiting for the big reveal explaining LETUBEU, its near. Maybe another week as I want to write up a finale/Best of Tom’s Travels and I still haven’t forgot about the book reports on The Murder of King Tut and Super Crunchers.

Keep following. I will only become better at blogging, and my travels through life will stay weird, unique, and interesting. Expect the ‘Best of” blog around the weekend…

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