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Sunsets, Skylines, and Signs of Tom Travels

November 15, 2010

While still working on my finale post, I want to give you folks something to look at. Check out the beautiful sunsets, weird signs, and bright skylines on my trip.


I made sure to have my hands-free mobile device


Illinois then Iowa


Iowa hosts the World's Largest Truckstop


Des Moines to KC through Missouri

Some history in Kansas


Leaving Kansas, entering Colorado


Denver Skyline from the west


One of many ski resorts


Coming down in elevation


The landscape opens up and canyons form


The river wasn't green


It rained everyday I was there, not so fabulous

The Vegas skyline is in there


I was sad, and happy, to leave


Into the Grand Canyon State

3 nights in Phoenix

The Phoenix Skyline


Always fun to see a sign full of bullet holes


Arizona was voting to legalize medicinal marijuana. This restaurant wants to legalize pasta sauce.

Have you ever thought about picking up a hitchhiker?

The infamous L.A. Times

Los Angeles Skyline

Land of the Stars

Child abduction! I kept my eyes open for the gray van

Diets don't fail, people fail diets

Election Time, vote Colbert Nation

L.A. Skyline from Griffith Park

Back through Arizona

Driving on I-40, FedEx trucks every mile, it was crazy!

I love the city name, Texico, New Mexico

I bought some tasty beef jerky in Clines Corner

Reminded me of the movie Young Guns

I would hope people don't need to be reminded, I guess not.


Either the 27th was the last auction, or they're on the 38th

'Drive Friendly- The Texas Way' I didn't think Texans were known to be friendly

Fort Worth Skyline

You know you’re in Texas when you see trucks, cowboys, and hot blondes with guns:

1-800-561-1605, in case you need it


Sex sells

Austin Skyline

Not on this trip

Great marketing slogan

Home of the graphing calculator, remember those?

I expected to see tornados, but surprisingly I saw many casinos.

The Gateway to the West

I saw this sign in 3 cities on the trip

Almost back home

A blurry Chicago skyline. $5 if you can guess where I took this from.

Almost done. Here are sunsets from 6 states, which is your favorite?








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  1. Andrew permalink
    November 18, 2010 4:51 AM

    My guess on the Chicago shot is while on LSD, on the bridge that is above Wacker and in front of Navy Pier, shooting westward. Favorite sunset shot is Missouri.


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