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Undisputable Evidence

December 9, 2010

(I continue to procrastinate the ‘What is LETUBEU’ blog post, bear with me)

After brief research, its disputable if ‘undisputable’ is a word. lists it, but my apple dictionary and Word don’t recognize it. I threw it in the title anyways.

The purpose of this blog post is to test my lawyer skills. Recently my car has been the victim of a Hit and Run. I don’t have hard evidence (a video or witnesses) showing the incident and therefore the CPD can do nothing to assist me. So I’ll take this matter up in the Court of Public Opinion if for no other reason than to make myself feel better. Based on the skills I learned from my Criminal Justice minor, CSI, and physics classes, I intend to show undisputable evidence that the culprit is the car parked behind me in our community parking lot.


The Damage


The Culprit

It is my belief that the Defendant, Mr. White Volvo V8 AWD, upon pulling out of his parking space, ran his back bumper into my left rear light thereby cracking the plastic cover. Based on the position of my car in the lot, there are only two possibilities:

1. Someone driving through the parking lot hit my vehicle

2. Someone behind my vehicle backed into it

After some rational thought, I eliminated option 1 based on the minimal damage. A driving car would have been traveling faster than 5MPH and caused more damage. However, I briefly glanced at the cars behind mine and didn’t notice any obvious damage. Ironically, later that day, I happened to be walking to my car when I noticed a car behind mine pulling out of their spot. Let it be known that the parking lot is a dead end; most cars back out of the lot, instead of making a difficult turnaround and driving forward into the street. For some insane reason, this car attempted a 6-point turn as I was standing adjacent to my car and they missed my bumper by inches! I stood there laughing at the juvenile attempt this person made to remove their car from the parking lot.

I stopped laughing immediately when I put 2 & 2 together and realized this is most likely the car who hit mine. Therefore I now had probable cause to further investigate Mr. White Volvo V8 AWD:

Exhibit A: The Defendant is at a perfect angle to back into my vehicle

The Scene

Exhibit B: Upon further inspection of the defendants vehicle, I found little pieces of shiny plastic stuck in the bumper

The Defendant's Bumper

Exhibit C:

A close up of the bumper shows the plastic pieces (white shiny spots)

From the picture, the white spots don’t look like much, but I was able to extract them from the bumper and it was obviously tiny pieces of plastic. Unfortunately I don’t have a forensic lab handy where, under a microscope, I could compare plastic from the bumper and plastic from my rear light.

I was determined to figure this out and my investigation continued. The next step in collecting evidence involved measuring the height of my rear light with the height of the pieces of plastic from the Defendant’s bumper. You’ll never guess, they are both about 33 inches in height from the ground! I rest my case.

Without the forensic comparison, all my evidence is circumstantial and will not hold up in the court of law. That’s why I’m taking it up with the Court of Public Opinion. Any questions? Have I presented a case that provides undisputable evidence proving the culprit to be Mr. White Volvo V8 AWD?

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