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About Tom

March 11, 2011

We can do this.Hi, my name is Tom. What’s up?

In the summer of 2008 my DNA mutated and my life was never the same. The subsequent disease has given me chronic pain of 13 joints & tendons and a dysfunctional scalp. I was forced to give up my favorite stress reliever, quit my full-time job as a science marketing specialist, and redesign the structure of my life. Oh yeah, and this was 2 years AFTER I quit a PhD program in Pharmacology and had to redesign my life. Needless to say, since 2008 my life has been on a wild ride (and I’m an experienced designer of life processes).

The pain prevents me from having a regular job, so I founded 2 startup companies. Ruugy Media helps science and environmental organizations navigate the complexities of social media. is a research organization that connects scientists to identify problems in science labs and create their solutions. Why isn’t there a ratings & reviews website for scientists? I have no idea, but we’ll make it happen. I was educated to be a scientist, so be patient as my entrepreneurial skills develop.

InPain InChicago

Swollen toes

Pain or no pain, nature & nurture have built me to protect humanity’s happiness and our planet’s health. My humanity-protecting skills have evolved from a diversity of jobs: a cancer researcher, Patient Care Technician, PhD dropout, science laboratory consultant, entrepreneur, and patient.

I do not fear geekiness. Here’s my application video to spend a month inside the Museum of Science and Industry:

WARNING: Dealing with pain all day can cause me to be irritable.

Here are some of my secrets for avoiding the pain:

  • Do something random everyday
  • Put yourself in happy environments
  • Accept the hand you’re dealt

This YouTube video about caves is one of my favorite accomplishments. And it wasn’t possible without Dr. Place (aka aTp3), who created the music while finishing grad school.

One of my mottos in life: be honest, be kind, and have fun!

Finding Happiness with Science

Photos taken by Erika Hildegard Johnson

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  1. anon permalink
    March 11, 2011 5:29 PM

    well said.

  2. Emily Bridges permalink
    February 24, 2012 6:37 PM

    Hey Tom – Lauren and I had so much fun meeting you guys in Cabo yesterday! So sorry we did not get to catch up with you last night. Congrats, again, you are a lovely couple. Feel free to look me up on facebook: Emily Bridges. We would love to connect with you guys when we are back in the city! Emily and Lauren


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