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Are you a #SciChi Member?

April 14, 2011

science chicago motivation

#SciChi is a community of Chicagoans tweeting about SCIENCE. We range from teachers and students to business professionals and everyday people who are fans of science to the museums & organizations around Chicago. If you want the Chicago Science community to hear what you have to say, you want to promote science news or an event in Chicago, or you want to network with other sciencey people around Chicagoland, add the #SciChi hashtag to your tweet.

If I left you off the list or you know anyone else that should be here, please inform me with a comment below.

Let’s celebrate Science in Chicago! So far, members of the community include (this will be a continuously updated list, and click the Twitter name to open their homepage/blog):

@AChenn – Assoc. Prof, Pathology, Neuroscience

@a_kapadia – Citizen Science developer for the Zooniverse. Usually found in a planetarium or climbing a crag.

@Allochthonous – Geologist, nomadic postdoc, science blogger. I study plate motions, deforming continents and rock magnetism. I tweet as my inner geo-nerd wills.

@Arfon – Director of Citizen Science at The Adler Planetarium & Zooniverse technical lead. Views expressed here are mine, not my mum’s

@astrodad – ‘Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room.’ Hoping for the best for our species.

@ChicagoScience – Science & medical reporter at Chicago Tribune. Evidence-based reporting. Skeptic mom. Greek AND Norwegian. Big waves and big wave surfing.

@CleverApes – Clever Apes is WBEZ’s science experiment — a nano-sized show with a cosmic scope. Produced by Gabriel Spitzer.

@CorrieMoreau – Evolutionary biology, ants, microbiomes, symbiosis, mutualisms, endosymbionts, phylogenetics, genomics

@CRChow – An American scientist in Japan

@DaveNuss79 – Social psychologist and new dad. Teach at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

My Life as a science promoter in chicago blogger @DavidMill – Visual designer for @the_zooniverse at the Adler Planetarium

@dylanorion– A PhD Student currently testing #cr48 and #chromeOS

@EvelynJLamb – Mathematician, science writer, violist, singer, sewist, cook, native Texan (tragically displaced), completionist. All views my own.

@GilbertJackA – I am a microbial ecologist interested in modeling community structure. I also co-manage the Earth Microbiome Project (

@Glee4Balistidae – I’m Charlie. These are the ramblings of a marine biology graduate student.

@GruntleMe – Skirmishing with life.

@hydroxyl – Ph.D. in Microbiology and Droid developer.  Incredibly curious and always trying to take advantage of what I learn.

@ihearttheroad – a PhD student with an appreciation for creativity, communication, yoga, and uranium. My tweets are personal and are for your entertainment only.

@InkFishEP – Editor of MUSE magazine for kids, blogger at Inkfish, cephalopod enthusiast.

@JamesMackJr – Amateur scientist, peer review enthusiast, clinical cytogenetics, grad student

@JenniferRaff – Scientist. Fighter. Reader.

@JessChiTown – (no twitter profile, but she does exist)

@jmandecki – from the University of Chicago and Field Museum of Natural History

@JNRutherford – Biological anthropologist, primatologist, placenta enthusiast, professor, felinophile, traveler, bon vivant

@KatinaatPE – Changing the face of science by expanding access in communities traditionally overlooked by science—minorities, girls, and low-income students.

science community chicago

@letUbeU – Science Promoter from Chicago. Molecular Biologist by trade, Sociologist for fun. Arthritis survivor. Founder: @HappiLabs_. I’m alive!

@LeidaMarieTL – I’m just a girl. A girl that is a science nerd, beer geek & homebrewer, novice archer, and so much more!

@Melissa13MW – nonprofit science and environmental education professional. systems thinker.  learner.  doer of as good a works as possible.

@mobiusASI – MASI connects artists, scientists, and thinkers to engage in dialogues/actions creating a harmonious understanding of an increasingly complex global society.

@morganucodon – Taking the long view…from the Triassic and beyond. Next departure: The Petrified Forest NP this summer – wanna go on a fossil dig?

@MrMeteor – Juliet’s husband. University of Chicago science writer, author of Killer Rocks from Outer Space, student of evolution & the natural world. Tweets my own.

@Mr_Reedy – Speaker at #TED 2012. Scientist and biology/zoology teacher.I believe teachers should be scientists and kids should get their hands dirty while DOING science.

@Myrmecos – Science, Photography, and Insects

@MWestneat – I’m a biologist studying coral reefs, biodiversity, fishes, biomechanics and evolution

@NSandlin – Perl and scripting. Online news, news SEO. Spider taxonomy. Gardening. It’s all a blur.

@RobMitchum – I write about science and music for the University of Chicago, Pitchfork, and others.

Chicago science blogger photographer @Rondlg – Lapsed Antarctic marine biologist with technological leanings of a skeptical nature. Currently sojourning at @fieldmuseum Chicago.

@SapanaV – I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul. I’m also a grad student in cancer bio at the Univ. of Chicago. Never stop wondering.

@Science_Chicago -Tweeting fun & interesting information about science museums, education, nature, conservation & research in Chicago.

@ScienceIsSexy – A cell/molecular biologist, I create scientific events and media for the public in Chicago and beyond. I want to turn you on to science!

@Sevynn7s – Married to @dylanorion, re-student seeking knowledge in the world of science, kingdom animalia is my favorite taxonomic rank, giving pets voices to argue with.

@Stuart_Lynn – I work at the Adler Planetarium as a Citizen Science web developer. I am fascinated by how web technologies can change both participating in science and museums

@SueTheTRex – Hi. I’m Sue, I’m a Leo, I like meat, Chicago, the movie Jurassic Park, and what else? Oh yeah, I’m the world’s greatest apex predator.

@SuperSmartCarbo – Fueling science discussions in families by breaking down the latest developments and interesting science facts.

My Life as a Science Promoter@The_Zooniverse – A collection of websites where we ask the public to help us do real science online. Our projects include, Galaxy Zoo, Old Weather, Planet Hunters and more…

@TonyPerry – Science Educator in Chicago. Making, Astronomy, and Physics.

@WindyCityNanny – Nanny of 1, 4 & 5 y.o. munchkins in Chicago. Follow me for great tips on what to do with your kids in the city. Plus I know where all the museum bathrooms are.

@wlathem – Assistant Professor of Microbiology-Immunology at Northwestern, focused on the host-pathogen interface

Chicagoland Museums, Institutes, & Organizations:

@137Films – We make films about science and the people behind science.

Tom Ruugy Media Science Social Media@AdlerSkyWatch – The Adler Planetarium invites you to join us in exploring space!

@C2ST – C²ST seeks to be the preeminent regional consortium for science- and technology-related education and policy and a prominent voice nationally

@CAFtours – Information and news about Chicago Architecture Foundation tours and how to explore our city by foot, bus, boat, bike and Segway.  Tweets by Jason.

@EcoMyths – The EcoMyths Alliance is a consortium of environmental partners that debunk environmental myths about ecosystems and natural resources.

@FieldMuseum – always be discovering.

@IFT – Institute of Food Technologists – where food and science meet.

@IllinoisScience – Independent nonprofit serving up cool science & technology for ADULTS.  We work to complement science outreach efforts aimed at kids.

@kslChicago – Come to our Grand Opening Celebration today, 9/10/11 from 10am-2pm! Located at 1500 N. Kingsbury, adjacent to the Lincoln Park Whole Foods.

Say goodbye to the venus transit@LincolnParkZoo – Lincoln Park Zoo connects people to nature through a free, family-oriented wildlife experience that emphasizes conservation, education and care.

@MSIchicago – The Museum of Science and Industry, the Western Hemisphere’s largest science museum, is home to live science shows, a WWII sub, big-screen films and more!

@MadScienceCHI – We make science FUN! After-school & preschool programs, day/summer/vacation camps, workshops, special events, birthday parties in Chicago area. Pre-K-6th grade

@Shedd_Aquarium – Shedd’s Official Channel connecting you to the living world and the people who care for them. It’s critter twitter, mixed with special discounts and offers.

@SustainableUIC – The Office of Sustainability at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

4 Comments leave one →
  1. April 14, 2011 7:11 PM

    Thank you for the mention! Wow! There’s a lot of us. We may all have to sit down at some point.

  2. September 2, 2012 10:32 PM

    @TZMIllinois here. I’m working on a community get together (town-hall style meeting) here in the Joliet area. Goal being to get back to basics in the community and help people understand our basic common needs across all of humanity. After that, then we can start layering compound issues on top. So, it’d be amazing to have you guys come out!!!

  3. leidamariet permalink
    December 9, 2012 8:32 PM

    @LeidamarieTL Biophysics PhD at Northwestern. I am heavily involved in mentoring/outreach in the Chicago Public School system. Will also be contributing articles to an online science blog.

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