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HOW TO BE HAPPY: the science & research of happiness

August 3, 2011

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At letUbeU we don’t only promote science, we also promote smiles. While scanning the internet on a daily basis, we come across research about happiness from time-to-time. There is value in happiness research and we hope one of these articles will put a smile on your face.

0) SCIENTISTS FIND A GENE LINKED TO OPTIMISM AND SELF-ESTEEM – Oxytocin is a hormone that increases in response to stress and is associated with good social skills such as empathy and enjoying the company of others.

1) RESEARCHERS LOOK FOR INGREDIENTS OF HAPPINESS AROUND THE WORLD – “Our findings suggest that Maslow’s theory is largely correct. In cultures all over the world the fulfillment of his proposed needs correlates with happiness.”

2) PERSONAL WELL-BEING IS LINKED TO NATIONAL SATISFACTION – the more satisfied people are with their country, the better they feel about their lives

3)MEDITATION REDUCES STRESS, WILL MAKE YOU A NICER PERSON – meditation can physically change the brain. Several studies suggest that these changes through meditation can make you happier, less stressed — even nicer to other people.

4) SCIENTISTS FIND GENE LINKED TO HAPPINESS – People tend to be more or less satisfied with their lives depending on what form of the gene they have.

5) HAPPINESS GENE HELPS YOU LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – same gene as the above article, but a different study.

6) IF YOU GET ALONG WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS, YOU MAY LIVE LONGER – “People who have a good peer support system at work may live longer than people who don’t have such a support system.”

7) THE KEYS TO HAPPINESS AND WHY WE DON’T USE THEM – Lethargy holds many people back from doing the things that lead to happiness.

Happiness research

Be on the lookout, UNHAPPINESS is just around the corner. Know the red flags:

8) WHEN SELF-ESTEEM IS THREATENED, PEOPLE PAY WITH CREDIT CARDS – “parting with cash can be psychologically painful.”

9) HAPPINESS HAS A DARK SIDE – Be careful, “when people don’t end up as happy as they’d expected, their feeling of failure can make them feel even worse.”

10) UNHAPPY PEOPLE AVOID EYE CONTACT – being aware that you’re unhappy is the first step to achieving happiness. Where are you looking?

Thanks for reading, let you be you!

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