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My Life as a Science Promoter – I shouldn’t be alive

September 27, 2011

MLaaSP September 26, 2011 The World Population is: 6,964,678247

My life as a science promoter

I love reading, writing, and sharing science. But! Before I can take action with science, I need to be alive. Since life is hard, it’s easy to give up, be lazy, or procrastinate. Where do you find motivation to keep moving forward, even on those difficult, stressful days? One of my sources of motivation is I Shouldn’t Be Alive on @AnimalPlanet. Watch the show and you’ll acquire more awareness & appreciation for being alive:


You can take some of their quizzes too:

“Should you be alive?” – How well would you handle a death-defying, life-threatening moment? Take this quiz and test your survival skills!

The Grizzly Survival Quiz – Strap on your backpack, grab your camera and get ready for an excursion into grizzly country. Do you know how to stay safe?

Thanks for reading, letUbeU!

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