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Chicago Science Events October 2011

September 29, 2011

Hello from Chicago! Whether you’re a resident or visitor to the Windy City, below you will find a calendar of science events during October. So grab your jacket & umbrella and participate in one of these exciting events during this chilly and rainy month. If you don’t, I’ll send Sue the T-Rex after you.

Tom Travels

First, FREE admission days to Chicago science museums (click the highlighted links to open a window with more details).:

Shedd Aquarium: 24, 25, 31

Museum of Science & Industry: Halloween (31st)

Adler Planetarium: 25, 26

The Field Museum of Natural History: 26, 31

Thursday OCTOBER 27

Special Screening of 9000 Needles – In this inspirational documentary, we follow the story of Devin Dearth, a healthy and successful businessman and bodybuilder who suffers aparalyzing brainstem hemorrhage. Follow the story of Devin and his family as they travel to China to seek out a rehabilitation program that integrates both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. @MindfulMetro

Saturday OCTOBER 29

The Chemistry of Honey – This sweet program will delight and enlighten you with what bees actually do to make honey, how it’s harvested and other fun facts.You’ll conduct experiments yourselves to explore the wonders of this golden goodness. Organized by @IllinoisScience

The End………………………………………

Saturday OCTOBER 1, 2011

Your skin!  Explore the unique biological and cultural aspects of human skin and its importance as a key element of human adaptation. See the Leakey Lecture at the Field Museum. The talk is by Dr. Nina Jablonski, a Professor and Head of Anthropology at Penn State. @FieldMuseum

Tuesday October 4

Create good karma and give back to Planet Earth with the Chicago Conservation Corps Leadership Program – orientation sessions start on Saturday (and October 3 & 4). Lead an environmental service project in your community. @ChiConservation

Wednesday OCTOBER 5

Chocolate Around the World – the Field Museums newest exhibit about your favorite treat. Chocolate Around the World will engage your senses and reveal facets of this sumptuous treat that you’ve never thought about before. From seed to sweet, unwrap the story of chocolate! @FieldMuseum

Thursday OCTOBER 6

Laugh with science. This show presents comedy with science teams from Depaul and Columbia College. Every Thursday night at Studio Be Theatre.

Astronomy Lecture about Exoplanets: Searching for the Companions of Distant Suns presented by Jason Steffen. With spectacular imagery and data visualizations that will blow your mind, Adler Planetarium is the place for you if you like looking at the stars. @AdlerSkyWatch

Saturday OCTOBER 8

Observe the Moon Night – The 2nd annual international event. People around the world will celebrate by pausing to look up at Earth’s nearest neighbor — and learning about it too! This year’s theme focuses on cultural connections to the moon and connecting art to science, through the question: What does the Moon mean to you?

The Power of Play. Learn how to teach your children about science. In this FREE (Field Museum basic admission is NOT required) workshop, The Field Museum invites parents to explore how play is not only fun for children but is also considered the work of the young child.


Cultivating Curiosity – This workshop will help parents turn “why?” into “aha!” by offering ideas on how to engage children in projects that explore and answer questions that are meaningful to them.

Mystery in the Zoo: cold-blooded creatures? For 1st and 2nd graders, meet a reptile, such as a blue-tongued skink or corn snake, to learn about scaly adaptations. Then investigate how these creatures keep consistent—and comfortable—temperatures all year round. @LincolnParkZoo

Thursday OCTOBER 13

Chicago’s Water: protecting our precious resource. A panel of experts representing different point of views will discuss the potential roles played by government, industry, academia and private citizens to better manage and sustain our water resources. Organized by @C2ST

Friday OCTOBER 14

Science Fair: an annual fundraiser gala. Come support this organization, 137 Films, that makes movies about science, a field they believe – like poetry – is mind-bending, and rich in beauty, metaphor, and meaning. @137Films

Saturday OCTOBER 15

Science in ChicagoTHE BATTLE FOR BATS: A major symposium on bats and a disease that threatens them. Come see live, healthy bats, a documentary, and a presentation by bat experts. There is no link yet for more information, this is “hot off the press”:

When: 1-5PM

Where: Field Museum of Natural History’s James Simpson Theater

Details: White-nose syndrome (WNS) is a disease that has already killed over one million bats. Because bats eat pests, the loss of these animals to WNS causes a huge economic impact on agriculture (estimated loss each year: $3 billion) and necessitates the use of more pesticides.

Autumn Animal Photography – Lincoln Park Zoo photographer John Kortas will lead this hands-on workshop. Enjoy opportunities to photograph zoo animals as they interact with special enrichment items. To get the most from the experience, sign up for the session that matches your camera type: digital SLR or point-and-shoot.

Artful Thinking – Learn how to teach your children about science. In this FREE (Field Museum basic admission is NOT required) workshop at the Field Museum you will learn to look carefully at visual images with children to foster creative and critical thinking skills.


Simply Science – Science is part of children’s natural curiosity.  This workshop will showcase how even the least science-savvy parents can think about, talk about, and do science with their children.

Wednesday OCTOBER 19

Month at the Museum of Science & Industry starts. Follow along online or visit the museum and see a real, live human on display while one lucky person spends 30 days and 30 nights inside one of Chicago’s most popular museums. @MSIchicago

Thursday OCTOBER 20

Adler After Dark – My favorite science social event. Every third Thursday of the month Adler Planetarium opens its doors to the 21+ crowd for cool science and socializing. This month you can dress up in a Halloween costume and try to win the best costume contest.

Friday OCTOBER 21

Tree House Humane Society Black Cat Ball Fundraiser – An upscale Gala to celebrate and honor Tree House Humane Society’s founders, volunteers, supporters, staff, and 40 years of operation and adoptions. This event will also raise money for a new state-of-the-art shelter.

Saturday OCTOBER 22

Go Go Green 5k Run/Walk – organized by Chicago’s beloved Notebaert Nature Museum, the goal is to raise awareness about our urban ecosystem, support Nature Museum programs and educate Chicagoans about living a more eco-friendly life. All proceeds will benefit the Museum’s vision to be the urban gateway to nature and science. @NatureMuseum

Learning Through the Museum – A FREE (Field Museum basic admission to is NOT requried) workshop at the Field Museum. Children learn differently at various ages and stages in their development. Spend time exploring these stages to understand how best to use museums as learning resources for your children.

Spooky Zoo Spectacular is an opportunity for children to celebrate Halloween in a free, safe and family-friendly environment. Guests are invited to learn fun facts about the animals in the Spooky Zoo Education Zone, stimulate their minds while making crafts, collect treats and enjoy entertainment throughout the zoo while dressed in their best or spookiest costume.

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  1. geneless permalink
    September 30, 2011 12:18 AM

    great events — keep ’em coming!

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