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My Life as a Science Promoter – Seniors at Lincoln Park Zoo

October 4, 2011

My Life as a Science Promoter Tuesday October 4, 2011

As we approach 7 Billion, the world population is 6,966,337,297

Chicago science education

I’ve been volunteering at a retirement community affiliated with Rush University for the past 8 months. When I have time, anywhere from 5-25 hours a month, I visit the Seniors at their home community and offer help where needed. My services manifest in the form of a simple conversation (usually one-way, me listening), helping with chores around their apartment, or serving lunch at the monthly community meeting, among other things. If you’re looking to donate some time to society, investigate volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood, it could lead to better health–as indicated in this study by the American Psychological Association:

Volunteering To Help Others Could Lead To Better Health

Today was a change of pace though; I escorted 3 Seniors to the Lincoln Park Zoo. As my three lady friends were amused with the animals, I spent time reading the information boards posted at each exhibit. I learned some cool facts about Chicago’s lovely residents of the LPZ (supported with pictures below):

  • There’s a 10-month old baby white-cheeked gibbon hanging onto its mother as she swings from branch to branch in the primate house
  • Adelor, the 18-year old male African lion, is slowing down as he approaches an age that my Seniors can empathize with
  • There are 4 jobs in an ant colony: Gardeners, Foragers, Soldiers, and Queen
  • One of every four medicines prescribed today contains a compound of plant origin
  • Jo-Jo, the alpha male silverback gorilla, eats cardboard as his source of fiber. I saw him ripping up a box and eating it!
I also had the pleasure of bumping into Dr. Elizabeth Lonsdorf, director of the Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes. Her work was part of my inspiration for writing a blog post about the importance of chimpanzee conservation, Chimpanzees: the grandparents of society. Thanks to awesome weather, the day was a success. My 3 Seniors had fun visiting the zoo for the first time in decades. Below are pictures from the day. Below that are some related science articles I came across today. Thanks for reading, letUbeU!
Life as a science promoter
life as a science promoter

life as a science promoter

happy science chicago

Related Articles:

Scientists observe human and chimpanzee bone similarities

Serengeti Field Diaries – Follow Dr. Anna Czupryna as she studies population dynamics of wild dogs in Africa

5 simple ways to create good karma – one of my previous blog posts

It Takes a Village – unrelated, but a blog post from one of my favorite science bloggers about the power of collaboration among all levels of society (@AcousticGravity)

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