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My Life as a Science Promoter – the Lincoln Park Zoo Quarterly

November 1, 2011

My Life as a Science Promoter on November 1, 2011 Day #305 of 365

The World Population today is 7,000,343,012 

My Life as a Science Promoter in Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo (LPZ) sends its members a quarterly magazine of conservation & education. Besides discounts at the gift shop, food stores, and special events, the quarterly magazine is another benefit of being a member. The Fall 2011 edition is my first, and I’m impressed. It’s loaded with statistics & data which is always acceptable mind stimulation for a researcher. I will share some of the most interesting numbers with you. But first, if you’re interested in donating to a good cause–providing free education and supporting conservation–think about becoming a member of the zoo. Enjoy:

$23,000,000 a year to keep the zoo up and running

365 days a year the zoo is open, and FREE

90 days of work go into installing the ZooLights

60 drugs commonly prescribed to humans that veterinary services staff employ to treat animals (we are not very different from animals after all!)

30 pounds of poop (on average) hauled from each black rhino yard daily

14 full-time LPZ staff members with Ph.D.’s

My Life as a Science Promoter in Chicago5 boomer balls are chewed up by the tiger every year at the Kovler Lion House

1 scientist, Dr. Steve Ross, is on a mission to protect chimpanzee survival. Learn more about chimp conservation at Project ChimpCARE

Other Notes:

Despite the fact that chimpanzees are an endangered species, no federal law prevents their private ownership.

Thank you for reading, stay happy, & letUbeU!

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