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An Alternative Form of Occupy: The Girl With The Whiteboard

December 3, 2011

Make a difference

Thanks to randomness, I stumbled upon this poetry/art/inspirational project by a Chicago-area student: Her goal: inspire. Her purpose:

We live in a society that is often materialistic and self-serving.  The misbehaved get rich and famous, while the genuine struggle to get by.  I aspire to begin a movement that will help people understand that others have struggles similar to their own, making loneliness obsolete.  By sharing some of my light, I hope to ignite strength in strangers to find motivation to achieve all that they ever needed or wanted.  This will serve to implant a hunger for success and as a reminder to never forget one’s own worth.  We have the power to champion our own causes.  Today is the day.

Her motto: We determine our outcome.

My response: Yes. YES. YES!! Lead us!

Complaining is OK, as long as you do something about it. Notice a problem? Find a solution. The Girl With The Whiteboard found a problem–a lack of inspiration–so she’s providing a solution.

This afternoon I set out to find The Girl With The Whiteboard, and eventually found her on Wacker & Michigan. These are my photos.

On the corner of Wacker and Michigan Ave

Do Something Meaningful

The Girl with the whiteboard

The Girl With The Whiteboard stood in this square for 4 hours today. Lesson to be learned: Before you trap yourself in a box, make sure there’s a sewer hatch nearby, just in case:

The Girl with the whiteboard

THE TALL vs the short, Materialistic vs Altruistic, Me vs U


Thanks for reading, be yourself or be no one, letUbeU!

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