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Nature destroyed Joplin, BUT Nature will rebuild Joplin

December 10, 2011

Tom Travels on Saturday Dec 10, 2011

Today the world population is 7,008,631,992

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Tom TravelsAs Tom is in route to finding happiness in the Science Museum Oklahoma, he will pass through Joplin, Missouri. On May 23, 2011 a tornado spun through the town of about 49,000 and stripped away the lives of 154 humans. As climate change continues to wreak havoc in middle America (and around the world), Tom plans to visit Joplin on Tuesday and capture images of the natural side of humanity as we rebuild the lives that were destroyed.

Tom is expecting to see the aftermath of an overexpression of the compassionate, empathic genes in the people of Joplin, Missouri. Research shows that kindness & empathy is in our DNA (Article 1, Article 2); it’s natural for humans to care for each other. Therefore Tom expects to be encapsulated with positive outcomes from a negative result of our changing planet. Nature destroyed Joplin, but Nature will rebuild it.

Below is a news clip from the Today Show after the tornado landed. Here’a just a few of the words from people’s mouths. It will give you goosebumps:

  • Hospital x-rays were found 60 miles away! (from the hospital)
  • That was St. John’s hospital.
  • This is awful…Look at that! That is DESTROYED!
  • Dude! The trees are debarked!
  • They just pulled a dog. He looks to be OK.

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