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TOM TRAVELS – Dinosaurs at the Texas Natural Science Center

December 19, 2011

Tom Travels on Friday Dec 16, 2011

The world population today is 7,010,499,508

I spent a few hours on Friday at the Texas Natural Science Center (on a recommendation from @jtotheizzoe). Their scientists have curated a nice collection of meteorites (astronomy), fossils (paleontology), and rocks (geology). Here are my pictures, most of them on the paleontology side of things:

Here I am standing at the front of the lower level

Texas Natural Science Museum

Same view, but zoomed in. What’s cool here is all 3 of the dinosaurs you see in the background  are separated by 10 feet or so, but they look on top of each other:


A Pterosaur hangs from the ceiling of the main level. It’s a bird with a wingspan of about 40 feet, and it lived around 65,000,000 years ago. How old are you?

That's a big bird!

2 scary looking creatures, yet still beautiful (the Luna Moth has a wingspan of 6 inches, remember, it’s a moth!):

Try reeling this one in

All things of nature are beautiful

Geology Rocks, especially when it’s colorful. I’m disappointed there was no information on this map. So I have no idea what it represents. It made me happy though:

Tom Travels!

More dinosaurs:

Hungry hungry hippo

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading, smile, and letUbeU!

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