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The 1st ever Chicago Science Tweetup

January 8, 2012

Chicago Science Tweetup

011512. Remember this number as the date of the first ever Chicago Science Tweetup. AKA January 15, the 3rd Sunday in 2012. Join other fans of science from the Twitter community as we discuss what makes science happy, dorky, and sexy. (the invite is open to non-Twitterers as well).

There will be a science book swap. So bring any science book that you want to share with others.

Organizer: Dr. Stephanie Levi (@ScienceIsSexy)

Promoter: Tom

The Location: Schuba’s Tavern, 3159 N. Southport

Time: 5pm until ???

RSVP on the Facebook invite:


Enjoy this cute science video about Oxygen, the lovely element #8 that rusts iron, ignites engines, and bonds with Hydrogen to form water (video courtesy of #SciChi Tweetup attendee Joanne Manaster’s science website):

Image: Top Half from Westlake High School Science Department

Bottom half from Expressions, a photo gallery by joshua l. smith

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