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Social Media for Social Justice

March 6, 2012

Tonight I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a meeting for the organizing and host committee of the Green Festival in Chicago. The Festival is entering its 6th year and exists to promote ecological balance, social justice, and a sustainable economy. My role at this event is to educate and inspire committee members to use social media as the main form of publicity. With over 650,000,000 people signed up on Facebook and over 200,000,000 using Twitter worldwide, social media is the most efficient form of communication to maximize your reach into society (and I’m building a business around this idea).

The Green Festival

I think I did inspire a few of the people at the event, but I walked away inspired as well. The meeting was held at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters where Martin Luther King Jr. once roamed the halls, and now Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. spends time as he fights for social justice. The hallways are decorated with photographs of great African-American leaders of the past. These were humans who overcame great obstacles to ensure that every other human, regardless of age, race, or economic status, has an equal and unhindered path to happiness. The photo above, hanging in the main lobby, grabbed my attention. Look at the passion in his face. Notice the crowd, in a trance, focused on Dr. King.

(enter sarcasm) Unfortunately today, I don’t think a speaker could captivate an audience in the same way, too many people would be looking down, tweeting from their cell phone.

The Green Festival will present over 125 visionary speakers, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Join us as we celebrate humanity, promote social justice, and respect our environment. Follow along on the main twitter (@GreenFestival) and Facebook (Green Festivals) accounts and attend the event at Navy Pier on May 5 & 6. Before I go, I need to leave a picture of the happiest shoes at the meeting. Thank you for reading, letUbeU!

Green Festival

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