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Earthquake at Museum Campus in Chicago

March 8, 2012
Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth

John McCarter

Not really an earthquake, but when 2 presidents of prestigious science museums  in Chicago announce their retirement within 6 months of each other, you can’t help but notice the shakeup to come. Yesterday, Dr. Paul Knappenberger Jr.–president of Adler Planetarium–announced his retirement effective at the end of 2012. Just 6 months earlier, John McCarter–president of The Field Museum–called it quits as well. I’ve been lucky to meet both presidents. John McCarter and I shook hands during the press preview of Restoring Earth (and he called me out for calling him ‘dude’). I crossed paths with Paul Knappenberger Jr. several times, but most notably when Nick Sagan was in town for the opening of Deep Space AdventureI feel honored to have met both men, who made great accomplishments for both museums.

Dr. Knappenberger is to the far right, with the production crew of Deep Space Adventure. Can you spot Nick Sagan (yes, son of Carl Sagan)?

Paul Knappenberger Retirement

So what happens now? I imagine both museums pay consultants lots of money to find the most “qualified” person to run a museum. Call me if you want help. There can only be a small handful of people with a passion for science who understand business and a little politics. As a Chicago citizen, science promoter & blogger, and member of both museums, I hope the selection process remembers that Adler Planetarium and The Field Museum are premier scientific institutions before they are big businesses. I’ll leave it at that, and a picture of Nick Sagan and I. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget: remember the past but live for the future. letUbeU!

Nick Sagan and Tom Ruginis

Nick Sagan & Tom Ruginis

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