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The Process of Making Life Science Labs More GREEN

March 12, 2012

Conservation Blogger Chicago Tom Ruginis

The Process of Making Life Science Labs More GREEN:

Step 1: Start a PhD program to investigate a cure for cancer and learn about life in a Life Science & Medical research lab

Step 2: Quit the program to learn about the business of a science lab

Step 3: Take a Life Science sales job, stock pile money

Step 4: Quit sales job, combine business & research skills, and start a consumer research company to identify weaknesses/areas for growth in science labs

Step 5: Help start a program to improve one of the weaknesses–lack of recycling in life science & medical research labs

Step 6: Wednesday March 14, 2012 Kickoff event

Environment volunteer chicago tomThe University of IL-Chicago (UIC) has been working very hard to “Green” their campus. I wrote about it in a previous post: Can Scientists at UIC Improve Recycling Habits? On Wednesday representatives from several Life Science companies, and myself representing, will be showcasing the new recycling program at UIC–Pipet Tip Box Recycling.

Everyday scientists use pipet tips (left) to mix solutions, aliquot antibodies and find cures for diseases. The boxes that hold pipet tips (Plastic #5 which is recyclable) build up over days and weeks. Ultimately they end up in the garbage can, which sits in a landfill for thousands of years or piled up on a shelf (below). It’s time for change.

Conservation Blogger Chicago Tom

The program was started by Lisa Sanzenbacher, Laboratory Sustainability Analyst, who is a rock star human being. The kickoff event will include free food and a competition to see who can fill a box of pipet tips the quickest. Prizes will be provided for the “quickest refiller” and 2nd quickest. Anyone is eligible. So if you work at UIC, stop by the main lobby in the College of Medicine Research Building (COMRB) from 11-4. More details about this tomorrow.

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