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Contest for Scientists at UIC: Who can fill a box of #PipetTips the fastest

March 13, 2012

Conservation blogger chicago tomOn Wednesday April 13, I will be hosting a table at the kickoff event for a new recycling program in the University of IL-Chicago Life Science & Medical research labs. To do my best to draw interest to the program, we will have a contest to see who can fill up a box of pipet tips the fastest. Prizes will be awarded for the quickest hands (see below) and there will be prizes for two classes: 10ul and 200ul. Food & drinks will be provided for any scientists who stop by to participate and learn more about the Pipet Tip Box Recycling Program. Please bring your labmates and friends to the COMRB lobby from 11am-4pm. (Tweets at the event will include the hashtag #PipetTips)

About the Pipet Tip Box Recycling Program:

A pilot study has already been a success in the Molecular Biology Research Building (MBRB) at UIC. Therefore it is expanding into the College of Medicine Research Building (COMRB) as a way to divert 1000’s of pounds of plastic from the waste stream and into the recycling stream–keeping it out of landfills where it sits for 1000’s of years. These plastic #5 boxes will then be turned into trays used for growing plants. The process is simple: scientists drop off clean, empty boxes into designated recycling bins on each floor of their building, waste management collects the bins when they are 75% full, and then the boxes are hauled away to a recycling plant.

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There will be a selection of prizes for the winners to choose from. They include:

  • Bacino’s Pizza – a $25 gift certificate to one of Chicago’s favorite pizza restaurants. Try their spinach pizza!
  • Rota-rack (bottom right) – 4 sections rotate allowing you to hold varying sizes of tubes on the same platform
  • PCR Rota-rack (top middle) – same concept, but with 2 sections used for varying sizes of PCR tubes
  • 50ml conical tube holders
  • Night Sky – a book by Discovery that will teach you everything you want to know about the stars & planets
  • Niagara Falls: an intimate portrait – From PBS, a history Niagara from the eyes of artists and photographers

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