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This is your home, where there’s not as much water as you think (NASA image of the day)

April 2, 2012

The world population today is 7,037,980,913

Keep Planet Earth Happy

Planet Earth is your home. Yet, we forget how many other people we share it with. Check out these statistics I found in April 2010’s National Geographic:

  • 97% of water on your home planet is unuseable salt water. 2% is frozen. Only 1% is fresh water left for you to drink, shower, brush your teeth, golf, and grow food.
  • About 66% of water is used to grow food. The more you waste, the less food we have in the future.
  • Americans use about 100 gallons of #freshwater at home each day. 46% of people on earth do not have water piped to their home. Don’t take your water supply for granted.
  • Did you know 2 billion gallons of fresh water are used each day for golf course irrigation. How many golf courses are in the desert of Arizona?

Conservation of water can be simple, here are 2 blog posts that tell you how:

  1. Indoor Water Conservation Tips
  2. This is Tom…without Chapstick

Also, this cute, short video tells a simple story: Water Conservation with Sesame Street.

Thank you for reading. Be kind, give a hug.

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