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Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago That Will Change Your Life

April 4, 2012

Two amazing, annual events occur in Chicago, and you have an opportunity to be a part of both. You can pay to attend or volunteer and attend for free (and receive a tshirt).

Inspiration motivation chicagoChicago Ideas Week has the power to change the direction of your life. Inspirational and motivational speakers from all walks of life present their stories of success, and you have the opportunity to shake hands with them. The weeklong event is designed to promote idea sharing, inspire action, and ignite change to positively impact our world. Don’t miss out on a chance to volunteer and engulf yourself with celebrities, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs. You won’t regret it. Read about my experience last year and sign up for at least one day October 8-14: CIW Volunteer Info

green festival volunteer blogGreen Festival has the power to change how you live your life. It promotes ecological balance, social justice, and a sustainable economy. Individuals, businesses, and community leaders come together to share their knowledge and collaborate to make our world a happier place. Learn how to be kinder to planet earth and secure a safer and healthier future for our children. I do not have a blog post about this event, but read more about them here: What is Green Festival? Sign up to volunteer today. There are many opportunities that you can chose from (from Media Upload Assistant to helping deconstruct the exhibits), check it out, May 5-6: Green Festival Volunteers.

inspiration action chicagoAnd if that is not enough to convince you to volunteer, it’ll improve your health, says doctors from the University of Michigan:

Volunteering To Help Others Could Lead To Better Health

Our world is a wonderful place with wonderful people. For every negative piece of information you see out there, there are just as many positives that are not being talked about. Both of these events bring out the best, the most positive ideas from people’s minds. I hope to see you during Chicago Ideas Week or Green Festival, I’ll be deeply involved with both. Keep the peace, letUbeU!

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