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Following Field Museum Scientists on Twitter

April 14, 2012

Happy scientists at the field museumMember’s Night at Chicago’s Field Museum took place this week. The natural history museum opened its “Staff Only” doors and allowed its members to take a behind-the-scenes look at the wondrous jobs of Field Museum scientists and their collections. Let me tell you, these scientists are a happy group of people. Check out the Member’s Night hashtag, #FMMN, to see what other people had to say.

So it had me thinking, happiness is contagious (like a sneeze or a cold), right? So, how can we, as a society, use events like Field Museum Member’s Night to spread happiness? Can we have more of them? Or smaller, similar events? Maybe we can develop a platform to publicize Field Museum scientists, using social media, so that the entire world can meet their happy personalities.

With that in mind, here is a list of Field Museum scientists and employees on Twitter. Follow them. They each have a specific niche of expertise, find one that interests you. FYI, some of them don’t tweet very often and please comment below if I’m missing someone. Thank you!


@Bathypterois – Postdoctoral fellow at The Field Museum in the Department of Zoology, Division of Fishes. Firm believer in life, liberty, and the pursuit of fishiness

@giannoni2 – Librarian, Field Museum

chicago natural history museum

@JMandecki – marine biologist

@labroides – I’m a marine biology postdoc who quizzically works at a museum in Chicago

@mwestneat – I’m a biologist studying coral reefs, biodiversity, fishes, biomechanics and evolution

@nsandlin – Perl and scripting. Online news, news SEO. Spider taxonomy. Gardening. It’s all a blur.

@rondlg – Lapsed Antarctic marine biologist with technological leanings of a skeptical nature. Currently sojourning at @fieldmuseum Chicago.


@beangod3 – Field Museum photographer extraordinaire

@JaapHoog – Director of Exhibitions

@JaneHannahSays – Social Media Strategist for @fieldmuseum, trivia buff, bibliophile, gamer, dog enthusiast, musician, dancer, Chicagoan to the bone

@jessabra – Impatient do-gooder. Unofficial musicologist. Technologist. Web/IT Project Manager extraordinaire @fieldmuseum

@jobetterblues – The secret to life is eating artichokes and avocados with wild abandon

@PhoenixRed – IT work for non-profits + Community work for BioWare’s SW:TOR + insanity blogging = me. My tweets are personal, my opinions and not my employers’

@rzschernitz – I’m the Director of Technology @fieldmuseum. I also do freelance IT work. Other than that, geek husband, dad, and amateur photographer

And general Field Museum accounts:

@FieldMuseum – Always be discovering.

@FieldMuseumPR – Public Relations Manager @ The Field Museum. Need dino, anthropology & history experts – Let me know.

@FieldStores – Shop The Field Museum Stores

@SuetheTrex – Hi, I’m SUE the T.rex. I’m a Leo, I like meat, the movie Jurassic Park, and… Oh yeah, I’m the world’s greatest apex predator!

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  1. April 15, 2012 4:42 AM

    Secreted in the windowless nether-regions of the Field Museum are a merry band of geeks and techy professionals. These chap and chapesses make electrons flow around the building, keep us connected to the outside world and safeguard all our digital coolness. You can add @jessabra @PhoenixRed and @rzschernitz to the list of fabulous FM people.

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