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UIC Earth Day 5K Fun Run

May 1, 2012

Last Friday, the Office of Sustainability at UIC hosted their first annual Earth Day 5K Fun Run. The Fun Run closed out a busy Earth Month that saw other events such as GreenUICEatUpMeetUp, a seminar on “Beach Water Quality”, Great Stuff Exchange, Recyclemania, and EcoJampalooza. The Office of Sustainability is making an impact on the student community and setting a great example for other universities to follow. I am happy to say that they are making our planet a happier place. Follow them on Twitter: @SustainableUIC and Facebook: SustainableUIC

I was asked to document the Fun Run. Enjoy the pictures below, check out the related blog posts at the bottom, and thank you for reading!

The event started out with some chalk art on the sidewalks…

Happiness on Earth Day

Happiness on Earth Day

Thank you to Kevin, organizer of the WhipperSnap Music and Arts Festival, for providing music at the Fun Run…

Happiness on Earth Day in Chicago

The weather was wonderful; the sun came out and so did the butterflies to cheer on the runners…

Happiness on earth day

Chicago earth day blogger

Welcome to the starting line, where we couldn’t escape our shadows…

Chicago Earth day blogger


1st place at the Finish Line…

There’s nothing like flying over a finish line…

And the event ended with a keg donated by Goose Island…

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