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Can Facebook Cure Humanity’s Problems?

May 4, 2012

A new report in Consumer Reports focuses on the invasion of privacy by the biggest social network our planet has ever seen, with ~850,000,000 active accounts (that’s 850 million). They raise valid concerns that privacy does not exist anymore. Facebook users, and probably anyone who uses the internet, can have their personal lives observed like a Peeping Tom. Are you aware of this? Concerned? You should probably read the article: Facebook Privacy via Consumer Reports

Can facebook cure humanity's problemsI’m not concerned; I’ll sacrifice my privacy for the common good. As suggested in recent reports, Facebook has the opportunity to study humanity like no one has ever before. They are simply a massive research firm (like Gallop or Pew). I wonder if even Facebook can comprehend the quantity of data they acquire on a daily basis. It reminds me of my days as a molecular biologist, studying interactions of molecules in the human body as I tried to cure cancer. Facebook is doing the same thing, studying interactions of molecules. In this case, humans = molecules and planet earth = the human body. Hopefully they use the data to cure a “disease” though.

Regardless, I say let them invade our privacy. Let them study humanity and identify where problems exist. Let Facebook identify the groups of people (the networks) who are the source of problems and those who are solving problems. Then put the information into the public realm, and allow the magnificent minds, the collective wisdom of humanity use it to our advantage.

What do you think, by studying 850,000,000 people, can Facebook cure humanity’s problems?

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