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Remember Joplin – Where stairs lead to nowhere

May 8, 2012

On May 22, 2011, an EF-5 tornado touched down in Joplin, Missouri killing 170 people and destroying 8,000 businesses and homes (including the high school and hospital).  In December I visited the scene of Mother Nature’s fury where humanity can use more attention. This series of posts represent the story, as I saw it, 7 months after the deadly tornado.

Scrolling through my photos of Joplin, Missouri is always difficult, but it always provides me with 2 gentle reminders

  1. Enjoy life–you might not be alive tomorrow
  2. Help others–there is always someone less fortunate than you

This photo was one of the first ones I took on December 12, 2011. Next time you come home and you walk up the stairs, open your front door and take a big breath of your unique home scent…and say “Thank you.”

Joplin, Missouri tornado blog pictures

As you look at this 2nd photo, some food for thought, or leave a comment below: Where do you go when you have no where to go? If you had to pick up and leave at a moment’s notice, what one item would you bring from your home?

Joplin, Missouri blog photographs

Always be happy. letUbeU!

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