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Science & Nature for Adults in Chicago: Nature on Tap

May 9, 2012

Nature on Tap at the Nature Museum in Chicago

Near the end of every month, usually on a Tuesday, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum opens its doors to the 21 and over crowd. Similar in style to Adler After Dark, Nature on Tap is the newest social event for nerds, nature lovers, and scientists in Chicago. For $10 ($5 for Members) you can enjoy the luxury of spending time in a museum with a beer in hand and plenty of activities to choose from. After attending the previous two events, I’m excited for more! Let me walk you through some of the activities…

Choose your source of happiness

The butterfly haven is a top attraction–a happy environment with pretty flowers and butterflies with neat wing designs. If you make it to Nature on Tap by 7:45, you can take a walk through the haven. Beware, butterflies are super-friendly and will land on you.

Friendly and colorful

If you look closely at the butterfly wing above or below, use your imagination, what animal does it look like? (It’s more like the head of an animal)

The head of a fish or a rabbit?

Before the Butterfly Haven closes, don’t forget to sign up for Trivia where free, never-ending popcorn is served by the lovely volunteers, beer & wine are sold, and team names are created. In this instance, I was on a team of 3 women who love to ride bikes, so our team name was…

Nature Trivia, beer, and popcorn in Chicago

If butterflies and trivia don’t attract you, maybe snakes do? Cadbury is available for gentle petting. But more importantly, Nature Museum experts are on hand to answer all of your snake-related questions. They do a great job of creating an environment of education. Still not impressed? Maybe art is your thing. Foster your creative side and paint a butterfly-like wing design on a stone…

Reptiles and art

Last, but not least, you have full access to the Nature Museum. Wander aimlessly to learn about falcons, take a wilderness walk, or study local plants. Maybe you want to know more about conservation or how to control flooding? And if you like bikes, it’s worth the price of admission just to see their new exhibit, Bikes! The Green Revolution. Ride a bike “around Chicago”, read about bike history, or learn some fun facts…

Bikes! The Green Revolution

Don’t forget: All of this information is available to adults on a Tuesday at the end of every month from 6-9pm at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. You can buy your tickets for Nature on Tap here: Adult Program Tickets. Finally, before your night is over, be sure to step out on the balcony and check out Lincoln Park and the north Chicago skyline. Good night everyone.

North Chicago Skyline at Night

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