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A Veggie Powered Car at The Field Museum

May 12, 2012

My Life as a Science Promoter on Tuesday May 8, 2012

Today the world population is 7,040,871,040

Chicago Science blogger

On Tuesday I attended a press conference at The Field Museum. A 4.8 billion year old meteorite that landed in California last month is being donated to them (more about this in a later post). As I rolled into the west parking lot I noticed a bright green van in the corner. Known as the Renewable Energy Vehicle (REV), it’s part of the “Green” initiative at The Field. It’s powered by vegetable oil and a solar roof, and it will show up at a school near you. As stated on The Field Museum website:

“The Renewable Energy Vehicle will come out to your classroom or event and our staff will break down the mystery behind your alternative fuel choices. We’ll also explain how the sun’s energy can be easily harvested to power your everyday world.”

Chicago science blogger photographer

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like anyone has applied for the REV to come by their school recently. It’s now home to a colony of teeny, tiny spiders (seen below). Teachers, what’s up with that!? It’s time to educate our children about renewable energy, climate change, and solar panels. Order the Veggie powered REV to stop by your school today: REV Registration

Renewable Energy Vehicle Chicago

Thank you for reading, smile, letUbeU!

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