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3 hUmanity Headlines From Last Week

May 13, 2012

As we begin week #20 of 2012, let’s look back to week #19


Via Medical News Today: The Brain May Avoid ‘Traffic Jams’ Via Multiple Thought Channels

Tom’s Comment: If you add randomness to your life, you’ll avoid the same ole traffic jams. Check out my previous post: The Benefits of Randomness

Via Live Science: Corporate Corruption Is A Global Epidemic

Tom’s Comment: Wow. Why aren’t there more whistleblowers? Check out this stat, “The study by Gallup revealed that while 60 percent of U.S. and Canadian residents consider corruption common in the workplace…”

Via HuffintonPost Business: These 10 Companies Control Almost Everything You Consume [Inforgraphic]

Tom’s Comment: Keep money in your community, buy local.

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