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3 hUmanity Headlines From Last Week – Religion, Pain, Exercise

May 20, 2012

As we begin week #21 of 2012, let’s look back to week #20 of 2012

The world population today is about 7,043,021,358


Via ABCnews: Religion Deserves More Study by Scientists, Say Researchers

Tom’s Comment: Science and religion should be more interactive. Even the Dalai Lama believes so.

Via ScienceDaily: Pain Relief Through Distraction

Tom’s Comment: You can find happiness by distracting yourself from the pain, but avoid getting lost in your distractions; it’s unproductive towards your long-term happiness.

Via LiveScience: How Exercising Your Inner Athlete Will Make You Smarter

Tom’s Comment: Evidence to support the improvement of Physical Education classes for our youth.

Previous Headlines:

Week 19 of 2012 – Brain jams, Corporate Corruption, and Consumers

Week 18 of 2012 – Premature babies, Obesity, and Indian Tribes

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