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Science in the Second City – An annual fundraiser

June 8, 2012

Please note: Tom will not attend this event anymore.

Chicago science blogger promoterChicago is a city with major science universities (Northwestern, University of Chicago, etc.), major science museums (The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, MSI, etc.), and major science national laboratories (Argonne and Fermi Labs). However, if you want to talk science in a public forum, there are few options. You can attend Night Lab, created by Dr. Stephanie Levi or attend an event hosted by the Illinois Science Council but those are only a few times a year. Your best bet is to attend a program by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C2ST).

Chicago science blogger and promoter

On Thursday June 14, 2012, C2ST is having their annual fundraiser. They use the funds to organize programs that inform the public about important, and sometimes controversial, issues in society. These events offer an opportunity for interested citizens to congregate in a forum (usually at Northwestern University) and listen to experts in varying fields. This past season you could have heard experts inform citizens about:

If you are interested in learning more about scientific & technological issues in society, think about becoming a member, attending their fundraiser, or donating or volunteering out of the kindness of your heart. Their goal is to increase awareness of the issues facing our planet and unite the Chicago community to do something about it.

Tom Ruugy Media Science Social Media

The fundraiser, Science in the Second City, is Thursday. It’s at the lovely Adler Planetarium which just hosted the Transit of Venus. Register and you’ll receive a free dinner and drinks, access to the Adler museum, and a dance floor that I may or may not be on. Also, the you’ll have the opportunity to network with the executives & presidents of the Chicago science community, and Chicago’s only professional Science Promoter: Tom. Will I see you there?

Support science. Support the future. Support happiness. Thank you.

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