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Cool Science Jobs in Chicago – discovering stars at Adler Planetarium

June 28, 2012

Note: This post was originally published on June 10, 2011. Since it’s awesome, it’s back!

Imagine searching for a new line of work and you come across a job description that includes these requirements:

  • Travel to mountain ranges all over Planet Earth
  • Desire to follow in Albert Einstein’s footsteps
  • Interest in being the 1st human, ever, to view certain stars
  • Ability to stare into the night sky for long periods of time

Would you be interested in this cool job?

chicago science atom travels

Note: This is not Chicago’s night sky

On Thursday June 8, 2011 I attended the kick-off to a Quarterly Lecture Series that will bring the most current topics in Astronomy to Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. Dr. Josh Frieman, an explorer of the sky, presented today’s lecture called The Dark Universe. As the lights were turned off in the Definiti Theater, the audience reclined back into the comfortable chairs as they stared into the “sky.” One of the highlights of the night took place 3 minutes into the presentation when an audience member’s snore echoed off the auditorium walls. Dr Frieman wittingly replied, “I’ll wake him up at the interesting portion of the talk.” (everyone laughed)

With a nice blend of humor he told us about Edwin Hubble and his telescope, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (a project YOU can participate in), and Dark Energy (a concept I still have trouble wrapping my head around).

Afterwards I was fortunate to be one of the few audience members called on to ask a question, “Dr. Frieman, describe the feeling to be the 1st and only human, ever, to see something.” He put his head down for a moment, thought about the question, and responded, “I can go so many ways with that answer….it’s a cool feeling.” Exactly the answer I was looking for.

chicago science researchCan you recall a first in your life, such as watching a child’s first step, being first in line for an iPhone 4, or a first kiss? How cool was that feeling? Scientists experience this for a living, as they explore the unknown. Add to that feeling a view of Planet Earth from 3 miles high, and wouldn’t you agree, science is cool? Thanks for reading, letUbeU!

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