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Leaving The Bench: 3 skills every scientist should add to their resume

August 10, 2012

science blogger happiness chicagoEvery job on the planet, whether it’s in a science laboratory or a 36th-floor office building, requires skills that can be transfered from one job to another. What skills do scientists have that can transfer to a job outside the lab? I’ll tell you. If you’re a scientist looking for a new path in life, here are 3 job skills you should add to your resume:

1. Data Analysis

One of the most important skills every scientist has is the ability to analyze data. If you’ve compared western blots, concentrations, or spectrometric readings you probably can identify trends, connections between data, and outliers. Every business has data to analyze. And if you’re good at visualizing data, add that to your resume as well.

2. Organized

Look around your lab bench. Are you organized? Organizing a benchtop is like organizing an office desk. Also, can you keep a computer desktop organized? Do you color code files or data? Open your lab freezer. Does it take you less than 10 seconds to find the sample you’re looking for? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, put ‘organized’ on your resume!

3. Project Management

Recall the day when you had a western running, cells to feed, and a lab meeting to attend. Your ability to balance tasks & time will look favorable to some hiring managers. Much of the world can’t multi-task, but you can. Put it on your resume!

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