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3 Science Crowdfunding Campaigns You Might Want To Support

August 21, 2012

I’ve been researching Kickstarter and IndieGoGo as a source of startup funds for HappiLabs and have come across a few interesting science campaigns. It’s delightful to see the enthusiasm for science, and the support for open access projects. Below are 3 campaigns that are open and collecting donations and 3 campaigns that were successfully funded in the past. Go Science!

Kickstarter scienceLet’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum – contribute to buying Tesla’s final laboratory, keeping it out of the hands of real estate developers

A comic book exploring consciousness…Meet Your Mind: The Science of Consciousness (as of today, 10 days left)

BugForLife – support farming & breeding of insects for consumption. The goal is to provide an environmentally sustainable solution to malnutrition for communities with low protein intake.

3 successfully funded science campaigns:

BioCurious: The Community Lab for Citizen Science

I Am Science – An e-book about people who ended up with science careers, but from a less traditional route. “The straight and narrow path is rarely the case.” The story of my life.

OpenROV – an underwater robot which will help explore the depths of our oceans

Don’t afraid to change your path in life. Pursue your dreams and maybe start with a crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for reading, letUbeU!

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