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4 Helpful Apps for Chicago Ideas Week

October 7, 2012

Inspiration motivation chicagoIt starts. Monday October 8. Chicago Ideas Week. Networks collide, inspiration peaks, and ideas spread. If you wanna chat about science, social entrepreneurship, or happiness, find me at these talks: Tom’s Schedule. Here are 4 apps I’ll regularly be using throughout the week.

1) CIW 2012 – Manage your schedule of events, find out who else is at the event, and send them private or public messages.

Chicago Entrepreneur apps2) MyRadar – Be your own weatherman and know how to dress. Use this app to track storm movements in the Midwest.

3) TransitStop – With data supplied by the CTA, know when your bus or train will arrive. Don’t be late for a talk, you’ll lose out on inspiration (and a good seat).

4) Uber – Play it safe, get a cab late at night. Uber is the quickest & easiest way to find a cab near you and notify them that you want to be picked up. For an extra fee, be picked up by a sleek, black car.

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