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Mayor Emanuel’s Plans To Grow Chicago’s Science Community

April 23, 2013

Chicago science startup communityChicago’s Mayor Emanuel just announced plans to grow our science community with the idea of “fostering advancement in life sciences, technology, and energy companies.” If you don’t already know how big the community is, check out these stats. In the Chicago region:

  • Biotech companies support more than 45,000 employees
  • There are nearly 1,000 companies and these companies received $150 million in venture capital in 2012
  • Colleges and universities in the city of Chicago had over $1 billion in academic R&D expenditures in 2011
  • 70+ percent of this focused on life sciences

It’ll be exciting to watch this community grow, since we are lacking startups in the science community. One of my favorites is HappiLabs. Check em out. Also, visit Technori for useful information about the Chicago entrepreneur community.

Chicago scientists you should follow on Twitter:

@CorrieMoreau – tweets about women in science, and ants.

@RobMitchum – tweets about music

@LeidaMarieTL – tweets nerdy jokes

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