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Tom’s Happy Melody of Week 17 of 2013: Armin van Buuren present Gaia – J’ai Envie De Toi

April 26, 2013

It’s the 17th week of 2013 and the world population is about 7,114,904,092

It’s been a while, let’s welcome back the Happy Melody of the Week. And who other than my favorite DJ in the world…Thank you Armin van Buuren for producing music that constantly enters the Nucleus Accumbens region of my brain.

Did you know that certain wavelengths of sound can cause a release of dopamine, which leads to a feeling of happiness. Enjoy J’ai envie de toi (translation: “I want you.”):

Previous Happy Melodies of the Week (world population):

Week 2 of 2013 – Ocean of Dreams by DJ Doboy (7,093,100,122)

Week 49 of 2012 – Allein by Eric Prydz (7,085,590,349)

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