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3 Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs in Chicago

May 18, 2013

Chicago Entrepreneur appsAs an entrepreneur in Chicago trying to develop 2 businesses, I travel around the city quite often. Trains & buses, bikes & cars. Sometimes a long walk, other times I pay for a cab. If you are in a similar situation, or plan to be in the future, use these apps to help you get around town efficiently, safe, and dry.

MyRadar – be your own weather forecaster and know when to prepare for wet weather. Use this app to track storm movements in the Midwest. If a storm is in Iowa, you’ll have 2-4 hours before it reaches Chicago. (left: the radar of Chicago as of 1:27pm CT 9/5/12)

Don’t get caught waiting for a bus in the rain with no umbrella.

TransitStop – With data supplied by the CTA, know when your bus or train will arrive. Time it well so you don’t spend those extra minutes at the bus stop. You can stay at home, a coffee shop, or your networking event for a few extra minutes.

As an entrepreneur, every minute counts.

Uber – When you have a late night meeting, networking event, or you’re hanging out with friends, don’t walk to the CTA or drive home while intoxicated. Uber is the quickest & easiest way to find a cab near you and notify them that you want to be picked up. For an extra fee, be picked up by a sleek, black car.

Safety first.

I hope this helps you on your path to happiness as an entrepreneur.

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  1. 3 Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs in Chicago : The ENTREPRENEUR'S PLAYBOOK

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