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Chicago Ideas Week

Inspiration motivation chicagoChicago Ideas Week (CIW) 2012 is October 8-14. CIW has consolidated some of the brightest minds in America into our wonderful city on the shores of Lake Michigan. And these are not simply the smartest people, but also passionate people who have devoted their lives to making our world a happier place. This page includes posts from last year’s event, as witnessed through the eyes of Tom Ruginis, and soon-to-be the location for posts during this year’s event. Enjoy!


Events to attend for scientists and entrepreneurs

Buy Tickets Now: CIW Tickets

Receive a new CIW tshirt and have the opportunity to meet the most inspirational people in the world: Volunteer at CIW.


Inspirational Quotes for Change – quotes from some of my favorite speakers at last year’s event

Death of Conversation – Be prepared. One minute you’re enjoying a conversation with a world-renowned photojournalist, the next minute the conversation is dead.

The Symmetry of Nature – CIW provides labs of Chicago institutions and businesses. Get a behind-the-scenes tour and you’ll end up with cool photos like this (from Chicago Botanic Gardens).

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