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My Life as a Science Promoter

Welcome to a series of posts about my life as a Science Promoter. What does that mean?

I visit science organizations and institutions to attend events, meet scientists, and take pictures. At home I read, watch, and talk science. Then I blog, tweet, and facebook about it all with the intent to make science helpful and interesting to the world. Sometimes dinosaurs chase me at The Field Museum.

I use science to find happiness, and these are the adventures of My Life as a Science Promoter (world population on that day):

Picture taken with my phone

Meet The Press (and Meteorites) at The Field Museum (7,041,952,703)

A Veggie Powered Car at The Field Museum (7,040,871,040)

Your Brain On Happiness at Illinois Science Council (7,031,929,535)

Mind Games at The Field Museum (7,031,390,912)

The History of Nature History at The Field Museum (7,030,490,410)

How To Identify A Female Duck (7,004,578,596)

The Universe on History Channel (7,001,661,206)

Shaking Hands at the Field Museum (7,000,817,499)

The Lincoln Park Zoo Quarterly (7,000,343,012)

Can scientists improve recycling habits? (6,970,313,475)

Halloween at Adler Planetarium (6,969,255,200)

The partnership of human & dog (6,968,249,276)

Seniors at Lincoln Park Zoo (6,966,337,297)

Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air (6,965,282,371)

I Shouldn’t Be Alive (6,964,678,247)

Chicago, The Penguin Farewell Tour has Begun

Astrology, Cosmetics, Fun at Adler, and Northeastern Illinois University (6,963,154,372)

Cool Science at The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and Lincoln Park Zoo (6,959,172,818)

Are You Curious About Science & Sex? (6,957,415,681)

Nature for Adults, Narrated by Randall

Steve Irwin, I Miss You 

James Webb Telescope: live or die? 

Chicago Nature Center

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