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Leaving The Bench

Alternative science careersScientists have an awesome job. It’s their responsibility to be curious and ask questions, to identify problems on our planet and solve them. However, the day-to-day process of being a scientist requires an incredible amount of patience and a tolerance of failure. If you’re a scientist struggling to maintain happiness due to this stressful situation and looking for a way out, I’m here to help. 🙂

I’ve been there…started a PhD program, left after 2 stressful years (which may have induced a chronic arthritis condition), and successfully transitioned to an alternative career. The blog posts on this page are pieces of advice for those of you who are thinking about making the life-altering decision of leaving the bench…

7 Recommendations For Scientists To Find A Job Outside The Lab

3 Skills Every Scientist Should Add To Their Resume

5 Tips For Organizing Your Ideas

1 Solution To Help PhD’s Find A Job Outside The Lab

5 Steps For Finding A Job As A Sales Consultant or Technical Specialist

Create An Individual Development Plan using Science/AAAS’s myIDP

Be yourself or be no one

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