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Tom Travels 2011

Finding Happiness with ScienceWelcome to Tom Travels. Follow along with Tom, creator of letUbeU, as he blogs & Tweets about the adventures of a Science Promoter & Blogger, arthritis survivor, and volunteer traveling around the world finding happiness with science. Using a camera, pen & paper, and a love of humanity, the 2011 excursion will be documented in the following posts.   Please buckle up, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the ride as Tom visits science museums, natural parks, and Austin, Texas! Posts are written in 3rd person. Thank you for visiting:

Return to Chicago:

Dec. 20 – Dum-mumder the Earth at Inner Space Caverns – a music video with pictures of my experience under the Earth.

(More to come, maybe, if I have time)

In Austin:

Dec. 17 – Finding Happiness in Austin with #TomTam – 2 people’s Happiness Project to search for signs of happiness

Dec. 16 – Dinosaurs at the Texas Natural Science Center – the University of Texas has a small, yet exciting collection of fossils

Science Pub AustinDec. 16 – Time for an Austin Coffee Crawl – A picture of the coolest science tattoo seen at Science In The Pub and Tom’s plan to utilize the coffee shops in Austin for a Coffee Crawl (similar to a pub crawl)

Dec. 14 – Smiling at Science in the Pub – Tom attended an event that uses science to put smiles on people’s faces

Driving to Austin:

Dec. 14 – Vote for your favorite photograph of Unnatural Nature

tom travels to science museum oklahomaDec. 13 – Science Museum Oklahoma: optical illusions, crime scenes, & Brittany – Tom spent 4 hours at the only science museum in Oklahoma

Dec. 12 – Update from Joplin, Missouri – Tom reports live from Joplin as the recovery continues

Dec. 11 – Beetles, Pollution, and Unique Haircuts – Day 1 of Tom’s adventure through Mid-America

Planning & Preparations

Dec. 10 – Nature destroyed Joplin, but Nature will rebuild Joplin (7,008,631,992)

Dec. 9 – Voting results are in – find out which science Tshirt was voted the favorite

Dec. 6 – Vote for your Favorite Science T-shirt – Tom lets you decide which science T-shirts he will pack for his adventure

Dec. 4 A New Haircut For Austin – the before and after shots of Tom’s new haircut

Dec. 3 Road Trip: Science in Austin, Texas – one of Tom’s main goals is to visit a successful science social event started by Jamie Vernon, PhD (@JLVernonPhD) and maintained by Joe Hanson, PhD-to-be (@jtotheizzoe)

Posts from Tom Travels 2010: Over the Rockies and through the Desert

More to come…

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