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Science in Chicago

Chicago Science Tweetup

Chicago is home to about 2,695,598 people, wonderful museums and universities, and one professional Science Promoter. Follow along on this page or twitter at @letUbeU as your guide to science museums and the science social scene in Chicago.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

#SciChi Members:

A list of science tweeters from Chicagoland: #SciChi Members

Cool Science Jobs in Chicago

Studying Meteorites at The Field Museum

Discovering Stars at Adler Planetarium

Lab Manager at The Field Museum

Museum Reviews & Information

Museums Campus

Erika Johnson Photo

Directory of Field Museum scientists and staff using Twitter

Jellies at The Shedd Aquarium (photo by Erika Hildegard Johnson)

The History of Natural History at The Field Museum library

The Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth at The Field Museum

Deep Space Adventure at Adler Planetarium

The Bird Tour at The Field Museum

Beyond Museum Campus

Nature on Tap – my review of the social event for adults at Nature Museum

The Lincoln Park Zoo Quarterly for Q4 2011

Read about my 7 hour journey visiting The Field, Adler, and LPZ.

The North Park Village Nature Center

Past Social Events

Your Brain on Happiness – via the Illinois Science Council

Night Lab – the science of coffee via @ScienceIsSexy

The Dark Universe – part of the Adler Quarterly Lecture Series

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