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Becoming An Entrepreneur – Resources for you

Welcome to my entrepreneurial page. I’ve officially been an entrepreneur since January 25, 2012 having started two businesses:

  • Ruugy Media – a sole proprietorship that consults & educates science & environmental organizations about social media
  • HappiLabs – a limited liability corporation (LLC) that is evolving every day but at the moment is a hybrid of Consumer Reports, Yelp!, and Accenture. We help scientists manage their finances, experiments, and happiness in the lab. Coming to a science lab near you…

Chicago entrepreneur societyI have limited experience, but the first year is one of the hardest (from what I’m told), and I survived it! Use this page as a resource to develop your ideas and help you get started as an entrepreneur. Thank you and peace!

Want to Change the World? 5 Book Recommendations for Entrepreneurs

3 Lessons I Learned In My 1st Year As An Entrepreneur

5 Tips For Organizing Your Ideas

5 Steps To Become An Entrepreneur

Create An Effective To-Do List

3 Useful Apps For Entrepreneurs in Chicago

Advice from 3 Entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

For scientists who want to leave the bench, see For Scientists

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